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LESS Crime Act FAQ

Q: I already have a Georgia Tax Center account, can I use my current account?

A. YES, If you already have a Georgia Tax Center account for the correct account type
you are wanting the tax credit for, use your existing account. You will need to create an
account based on what you want the tax credit for. i.e., If you want to qualify for the tax
credit as a business, you must create a ‘Business Income Tax’ account. If you want to
qualify for the tax credit as an individual or couple, you must create an ‘Individual Income
Tax’ account.

Q: What information is needed to create a Georgia Tax Center account?

A. To create an account, you will select the account type (Business or Individual), verify
your identity with your Social Security # and most recent Federal AGI, and enter in your
home address and email address.

Q: I already qualified for a different tax credit for another organization, can I also
apply and receive a tax credit under the LESS Crime Act?

A. Yes, you can qualify for multiple different tax credits within the same tax year.

Q: How will I know if I have been approved for the LESS Crime Act tax credit?

A. Within 30 days of applying for the tax credit, you will receive a physical letter in the
mail from the Georgia Department of Revenue stating your approval status and how
much you have been approved for.

Q: When will I need to make my payment to the Atlanta Police Foundation?

A. Once you have received your approval letter from the Department of Revenue, you will have 60 days to make the payment to Deputies Beyond the Badge

Q: What forms of payment can be used?

A. We accept checks mailed to P.O. Box 1086 Monroe, GA 30655  or credit card payments made through our webpage. If paying with check, please write 'LESS Crime Act' on the
check memo. If paying with a card please write your approval letter information in the memo tab.

Q: How do I know what forms I will need when I file my taxes?

A. Once your payment has been received by Deputies Beyond the Badge, you will get an envelope in the mail containing Form IT-QLED-LEF1 completed by the Deputies Beyond the Badge Foundation confirming we have received your contribution. You will also find a blank copy of Form IT-QLEDTP2 which you will need to fill out and attach to your 2024 tax return when you file in 2025.

Q: I have some questions about the process, who can I talk to?

A. You can contact Rachel Sulkowski at or

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